Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Blog sucks, Radio, and Roast to a Weenie

My first post in nearly 3 months and why? I have 73 freakin views on my blog and 2 comments...whats up with that?

If my blog is boring please visit Bean Baxter's site. His is always full of interesting items..or at least I think they are interesting Bean

Anything new? Yeah bought a house and have a crappy agent...process is taking too long and i need to be in there by the first of the month because i have stuff in storage that i need to get out by the 30th...F the 951 realtors..

My goal in life is still to either A. Own my own business. or B. Get into Radio. More than likely it will be A because in order to get into radio you need major connections. Plus it is also a big risk not knowing if i would get a drop in pay. Not many people understand why I want to be in Radio. Well, I like to entertain people. I somehow say funny things without knowing it and always get the you should be in radio line. I've DJ'd at underground rave parties and that was fun. I also am very creative and beleive I can contribute a lot to a station with varies segment ideas...oh well...I'll keep trying and let's see where I end up..

This entry kind of sucks doesn't it?

KROQ's Weenie Roast 2006 is coming up May 13th in Irvine...should be a kick ass line up..H.I.M is confirmed so far..my other guesses are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, and AFI taking over the main stage with Angels and Airwaves on the side stage...12 hours of hot sweaty rock n roll..couldn't ask for more..