Monday, February 11, 2008

Fookin Recap

First of all, the crowd looked WAY bigger on TV than it did in person. There were probably 500 max and it looked like 1000 people on TV.

Second, the Asian girl that one, it looked like she was told on the side that she won because when they came out on stage to announce the winner, she was all smiles and the other two looked bummed out.

Now the timeline...

Arrive at 1pm and see a line of about 300 people. A black limo bus kept coming by but they weren't picking anyone up hmm....

Around 2:30 they announce they will be taking us to the location...walking....they also announce Foo Fighters will be doing three songs before they go live and some songs after....kick ass, a full concert!!

2:45 arrive at the Nokia Live Theater and a stage is set up...looked way smaller in person..

3:45 still waiting for the Foo's to come out

4:45 Jason Bateman comes out and practices his lines...still no Foo's

5:00 We hear the Grammy's have started so i'm like cool, the Foo's should be coming out shortly for the three songs

6:00 Lady's and Gentlemen the Foo Fighter's!! We go to a commercial

6:15 or so..They introduce the winner who is the Asian girl...still no Foo Fighter songs

6:40 or so..The Foo's start playing the Pretender...John Paul Jones was there but no one really even seemed to sad

6:45...Song ends...Foo's walk off stage...they are supposed to come back and play

6:50...Lights are all out and the stage is being dismantled....this doesn't look good

6:52...Security comes by...EVERYONE EXIT THE WAY THEY CAME IN

6:53...Everyone is pissed off! 6 hours of waiting and only 1 Foo Fighters song! No explanation...No Goodnight everyone...they didn't tell anyone shit...Just walked off stage and that was it

Fook You GRAMMY's...Shutup Dave!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Grammy's update

I just found out at the Foo Fighters performance tomorrow, John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin will arrange a special orchestral version of the Foo Fighters' hit single "The Pretender" and will serve as special guest conductor of the Foo Fighters' orchestra. KICK ARSEEE!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm going to see Foo Fighters

I just got a call from KROQ and I will be going to see Foo Fighters at the Grammy's!!

I will let you know how it goes....

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Remember Where on Earth (in the world) is Carmen Sandiego?

Well...the title should be changed to Where in the world is Audioslave...

This week San week I just found out I have to go to Chicago where it is going to be 28 degrees!!! ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THAT COLD ANYWHERE!!!!!!...Then in early March it looks like I will be heading to New Orleans ...then im off to New York for a week...nice huh...

28 Degrees though...come on!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Snooper Tuesday

With super Tuesday upon us I figured why not write about Snoopy. If you want to read about super Tuesday may I suggest reading or but not here at baby!!

You may say, captain random strikes again! Or, why the h e double hockey sticks is this guy writing about Snoopy. I am in SF again (zZzZ) and my manager has a picture of of this airplane that he wants to like avman has...well while he was gone today i switched that with a Snoopy one as he took on the Red Baron! (see below)

Ok now I know that isn't the real Snoopy / Red Baron picture but it is really close to the plane my Manager wants to buy.

Here is Snoopy and the Red Baron

Now I know what you are asking. Who if not Snoopy is the Red Baron?

Well they never show who the Red Baron is...and there are no waa wah waa wah waaa sounds. You just see Snoopy's dog house with bullet holes (he must live in the o.c.) When Snoopy's house gets shot up, Snoopy gets pissed, throws on a WWI hat, some goggles and a scarf then goes to war against the Baron...Snoopy also tends to yell out CURSE YOU RED BARON!!!!! FYI, the Red Baron in real life was a WWI Snoopy's case I've heard its the cat next door.

For those who like nostalgic things, here is the first peanuts comic strip that featured Snoopy...enjoy

Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes...Part 2!