Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hey There!

Ahhh...My first week at the new job is almost complete and I have to say...I wish I was back at the M....Sike!

Man I love my new job...The people and atmosphere is so different than the M (not you Birdman). Damn it is nice to finally feel respected and feel like an adult rather than a daycare center where someone is watching over you the entire time you are working. My Manager was down from San Fran for a training course down here, came in and shook my hand...Hell he wanted to take a few of us out to dinner on my first day...My former teacher who is now my Director is freakin happy to see me there working cause he knows the potential that I can bring. He knows my interest for this field. I am also getting put through some advanced forensic courses, as well as a certification that is recognized around the world.

Free Coffee...Arrowhead water....and popcorn....

Get this...I felt guilty for leaving at 5:15pm...why...because I am so used to people saying are you leaving already!?!? Stick around for a 6pm deployment..No more of those days...and when I do have to stay super late...thats fine cause I really enjoy doing this work.

If you love what you will never have to work 1 day in your life...

Take care

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bye M it was nice to know you

Yesterday was my last day at the Merc. I had lunch with Birdman and a few others at JoJo's which was a spot we went to quite a bit. It was a nice time there followed by Happy Hour at the Yardhouse later in the evening. I will miss a great deal of the workers I worked with but will not miss the complaints and stress of the job.

Hopefully we will all keep in touch.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


I am off on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas for a week. See you soon

Friday, September 07, 2007

My Move

so I stayed away from writing mainly because I have been so swamped with work and other problems outside of work.

as some of you know I have not been the happiest camper "there". I finally got a nibble from a company in Pasadena to come in to be their Computer Forensics Lab Technician. The Director of the group, who was also my Forensics Teacher at Cal State Fullerton, highly recommended me for the position as he has seen my forensic skills. The offer was made on Wednesday and I put my two weeks notice "there". My supervisor seemed someone shocked but doesn't really to mind me leaving as there are already two other people joining my former group. I learned a lot while I was "there", but the hours were brutal, we got the blame for everything that went wrong, our suggestions for improvement were not taken into consideration, and the possibility for advancement was not there...I really lost my passion for Information Technology over the past year...

I know that working in Forensics will bring that passion back as it is Technology mixed with investigative work.

I will miss hanging out with the Birdman as he understood my humor as well as the others who I enjoyed working with. For those who know her, I will be working literally 1 block away from D$ aka D-Nasty aka Denyse who was also "there" at one time.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Here I come....