Monday, April 30, 2007

And what it could have been

Ahhhh...i hate today

Weekend was partially good...I went to a Michael Douglas Celebrity Golf Tournament in Ranchos Palos Verde. Nice day out there and chatted it up a bit with Mark Wahlberg and Alice Cooper who were really cool. They guy that was probably the coolest though was Kenny Fn G. He is also an awesome golfer. Samuel L Jackson was a bit of a dick. The hottest of the hot Catherine Zeta-Jones was playing as well. She was wearing white pants and you know what they say about women who wear white pants....Capped off the end of the day by eating at the best damn restaurant in LA, El Tapyac. Located in East Los Angeles, it is seriously awesome mexican food.

Came home and went downhill from there. I just don't understand women....

Woke up too damn early, nothing exciting seemed to happen at Coachella from what I have read and heard. Opened up my car tags only to find that they were not car tags at all and in fact was a bill for $1.00. Yes ONE Dollar. My tags expire today so im freaking out. I guess I will have to run to the DMV tomorrow to fix things.

On my way to work and there is a dumb ass in Carbon Canyon stopping at every intersection to allow a car to cross. Come on! I can see every 5 intersections but not every single one. Total BS. ARGH!

Weenie Roast lineup gets announced. No NINE-INCH-NAILS, but instead get probably my two most hated bands Linkin Park and The Killers. The other line up includes Korn who will play the same boring set as the last 9 times ive seen them...and these following acts who are actually awesome....

The Bravery
Social Distortion
Bad Religion
Tim Armstrong

I forget the rest...but no Tool...

My life is always full of up and downs but lately seems more like a downward spiral

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Zero Sum - Year Zero - NIN -

They're starting to open up the sky
They're starting to reach down through
And it feels like we're living in that split-second
Of a car crash
And time is slowing down
And if we only had a little more time
And this time
Is all there is
Do you remember the time we
And all the times we
And should have
And were going to
I know
And I know you remember
How we could justify it all
And we knew better
In our hearts we knew better
And we told ourselves it didn't matter
And we chose to continue
And none of that matters anymore
In the hour of our twilight
And soon it will be all said and done
And we will all be back together as one
If we will continue at all

Shame on us
Doomed from the start
May God have mercy
On our dirty little hearts
Shame on us
For all we've done
And all we ever were
Just zeros and ones

And you never get away
And you never get to take the easy way
And all of this is a consequence
Brought on by our own hand
If you believe in that sort of thing
And did you ever really find
When you closed your eyes
Any place that was still
And at peace
And I guess I just wanted to tell you
As the light starts to fade
That you are the reason
That I am not afraid
And I guess I just wanted to mention
As the heavens will fall
We will be together soon if we
Will be anything at all

Shame on us
Doomed from the start
May God have mercy
On our dirty little hearts
Shame on us
For all we've done
And all we ever were
Just zeros and ones

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Hate the KILLERS!

ok..for sometime now I have disliked the Killers but not I can't stand them. After reading an interview with the Killers in Spin Magazine, Brandon Flowers is the cockiest mofo on the planet. The fame that the Killers have had simply went to his head. Hell 3 years ago they were playing gigs at a bar at the South by Southwest festival and now they are headling huge festivals...Ok Props for that but seriously, for Brandon Flowers say, "There are bands that are ok, bands that are good, and bands that are great, guess which one the Killers are in?" And, making comments on Panic at the Disco! and Fallout Boy saying he would like to beat the death out of those groups is uncalled for. While I have not been the biggest supporter of FOB, that is just wrong. Brandon also mentioned that Sam's Town is the greatest album released in the past 20 years. Come on...the album was just wasn't as good as their first album Hot Fuss...should have been called Hot Puss cause Flowers is a big puss. And for their fued with the Bravery. Brandon says the Bravery is riding on the coat tails of the killers copying their style. BRANDON....look at The Strokes, White Stripes, The Vines...whose coat tails are you riding? The Strokes are a WAY better band than yours and their heads aren't as far up their ass as yours is. I dispise your group now and hope they fall flat on its face...Your stupid little old western cowboy gimmick just isn't working either so you can just drop that.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Weenie Roast 2007

Its that time of year for the KROQ Weenie Roast....Lineup will be announced soon so I thought I would do my predictions:

Linkin Park- Took out Tool and went with Grime's guess...which is more than likely accurate

NIN- New Album...Secret Shows...Weenie Roast..Best Album of 07 easily

Incubus- New Album...Shows in June get cancelled probably to play Weenie Roast

Chris Cornell Solo- New Album...was in KROQ studios

Muse-Awesome band that doesn't get enough recognition

Silversun Pickups- Lots of radio album

The Bravery - New Album...Tour

This is the only guess I have....please add some more guesses if you any

Monday, April 16, 2007

Free Trip to Europe

Look at number 26 on the left pane...if you are still in..please buy your trunks

Free Europe Trip