Thursday, January 31, 2008



Stone Temple Pilots are gearing up for a reunion this summer when they will reportedly return to the live circuit.

According to Scott Weiland’s Velvet Revolver bandmate Slash, the band will get together this summer for a few shows, but no further details have been revealed.

Scott Weiland earlier this week reportedly told the Miami Herald that a reunion is on the cards in the coming months. Stone Temple Pilots split in 2002.


I saw Velvet Revolver when they first got together...I guess they didn't have enough material so they broke into some STP and the crowd including myself went wild (I Came home with a ripped shirt). I can't wait until STP reunites!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Music Mondays

Their previous album had some good tracks then they fell off the face of earth...With this new track, they seemed to have resurrected themselves from the music graveyard (96.7 KCAL) haha...Anyways, Boys and Girls please enjoy Psycho by Puddle of Mudd

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sonic Youth's Superstar

My bad...the video initially went it is again

How awesome is this song by Sonic Youth called "Superstar"

It is a cover song originally created by the Carpenters dontcha know. It also came out in the movie Juno

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

some stuff

First off...RIP Heath Ledger...

If it turns out that he committed suicide then I will edit this post and take that off and replace it with something else....

Second....Coachella line up TOTALLY sucks this year...come on with these three headliners....

Friday - Jack Johnson
Saturday - Portishead
Sunday - Roger Waters (Dark Side of the Moon set)

I would only go to see RW but not for $90 a day...BTW Kraftwerk's set on Saturday night is going to be done by Robots...kid you not


Cloverfield was so damn awesome...Coming home I felt like something really happened to New York...And by the way...why is it ALWAYS New York that gets the brunt of all destruction...I think the last time LA was destroyed was during that Volcano movie which totally blew...

Go see Cloverfield!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

I don't get it

I don't get why Toyota Prius cars are allowed in the carpool lane so they can get wherever they are going faster...Aren't these the cars you want on the road longer since they don't pollute the air...Give carpool passes to pre 1980 cars and hummers!

And Infiniti's =)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I like me some PMS...

The Petros and Money Show...

Their show PMS is very combines sports talk with just everyday normal things and they totally pull it off...If you like Kevin and Bean, you will like these guys...PMS has quickly one of my top radio shows to listen to almost neck and neck with K & B...

Petros who used to be a tailback for USC trojans is one half of the duo...hes top of the game when it comes to college sports..he is also loud...funny...and sometimes plays the goof of the show...

Money is of course formerly of the Kevin and Bean show and is the man behind the Los Angeles Lakers pregame show...strong knowledge in all sports and style of comedy compliments that of Petros...

The format of their show goes something along the lines of this....

Every day at 6pm on their show they somewhat drop the sports talk and do some comedy bits...

Monday - La Lista de las Lunes...PMS ::clap clap clap:::..This is a list of 5 things ranging anywhere from annoying high school people to crappy movies that people think are good

Tuesdays - Fight Club Forum...this is something like that celebrity claymation boxing that MTV had on a while back...they put together two people and set up fight scenes between the two...

Wednesdays - Film Fight...Two films by the two represents each...callers call in to see who wins...this week was 300 vs. Gladiator

Thursdays - Lance Romance...Petros' alter ego as the guy giving romance advice to whoever calls in...this is a hilarious segment...Petros doesn't even change his voice...i called in once because i can't dance worth shit...he told me go to a reggae concert and dance....the people there are so high they won't notice...

Fridays- It used to be a day when Vance Finance, Money's alter ego appeared and gave financial advice...its now turned into and I kid you not..." Fffffff " Their version of freeform Friday...anything is also Hip Hop Friday so they play classic hip hop coming in and out of segments...

I wouldn't doubt that if on April Fool's this year they tried something funny with K & B....its been a few years since K & B have done anything...

But seriously...give them a try...AM 570 or if you don't get the station...570KLAC.COM to listen live over the net

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Only in the 9

Two charged with making tainted 'bathtub cheese'
By Rod Leveque, Staff Writer
Article Created: 01/06/2008 08:19:47 PM PST

CHINO - San Bernardino County prosecutors have filed criminal charges against a man and woman suspected of producing and selling illegal homemade cheese, some of which was contaminated with a harmful bacteria.

Authorities say Floribel Hernandez Cuenca, 31, and Manuel Martin Sanchez-Garrido, 44, manufactured the so-called "bathtub cheese" inside a home in Montclair, and then sold it in an open-air market outside a Chino meat-processing facility.

At least some of the cheese confiscated by authorities was tainted with salmonella, a bacteria known to cause illness, Deputy District Attorney Jeremy Carrasco said.
"I think that the possibility that somebody could become sick is increased when people start manufacturing and selling cheese products out of their home," Carrasco said.
Cuenca and Sanchez-Garrido are each charged with a felony count of processing unpasteurized milk products and a misdemeanor count of selling illegal milk products, both violations of the state's Food and Agriculture Code.

The pair is to be arraigned Jan. 24 in Chino Superior Court.
Carrasco said an undercover police officer bought a round of cheese for $13 from Sanchez-Garrido on Oct. 20 at the market in the 7300 block of Pine Avenue.
Sanchez-Garrido then led police to Cuenca, who took officers to a Montclair home where the cheese was being produced, Carrasco said.
Authorities seized some 375 pounds of illegal cheese, included panela,

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

gotta vent