Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Bliddidy Blog

It's 1 am and I just took a shot of tequila..

Before I get started I would like to thank The Wrider and the Duke of Fullerton for taking me to lunch for my birthday this past week. I had lots of fun as I always do hanging out with you goons.

Let's I almost sideswiped an old man.

Speaking of old men, whats the deal with Nirvana and Metallica using them in their music videos?

And speaking of music videos, why doesn't MTV hardly show them anymore?

Cool thing happened on friday as I spoke to Chris Cornell from the band Audioslave...Well I spoke through him via an email...that somebody read...him but he answered back damnit. I asked if he or Audioslave have ever considered doing an acoustic tour. He said yes that they have been thinking of it but some songs of the harder songs are difficult to do acoustic style. Thanks Bean!

I went to a really boring party today where a bunch of ex high school jocks were reminicing like they always do..maybe i should have put a polk high jersey on and talked about scoring 4 touchdowns in 1 game that way I could have been included in one of the coversations. Oh well..I was out of there within 1/2 hour.

I feel a tingly in my body from the tequila

i hate when my foot itches when I'm driving.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Best Time in a Long Time...includes Golfing with Playboy Playmates

What's up peeople.

I'm in one hell of a good mood right now. I just returned home from a Christmas Party. Yes a Christmas in July party. Why did they call it that? I have no idea but I will tell you about it.

I got these passes about a month ago and have been waiting eagerly for this day. The party was for AM 570 Sports Radio which is host to the Loose Cannons (Vic the Brick, Michael Thompson, and someone else) and Goodtimes featuring Matt "Money" Smith (formerly of KROQ), Joe Grande (formerly of Power 106), and Wayne Cook (former college football player). Party started around Noon time and ended around 7pm. My cousin and I got there around 1pm. Walking in we were greeted by a red carpet, given our badges and directed to a private area at Dave and Buster's-Ontario Mills Mall.

There we were treated to all the free soft drinks including water, and food that we wanted. After being there about 3 minutes my name is picked from a raffle and I win this "Bight University" shirt which is a television show coming out on the Discovery Channel. We soon made friends with the promotions / production assistants there for the radio show. They kept coming up to inviting us to join in on the Daytona 500 racing game as well as virtual golf to win some prizes. We were given game cards ( i still have 6) to play with and I came in 7th or 8th each time I played. My cousin did a lot better than I did mainly chalking up 2nd place finishes

Onto virtual golf where I kicked his ass. Up first was Wayne Cook from the good times show and he smacked the ball 287 yards. Guess who's next? I get up there and hit the first ball ehh 90 yards...My second shot...200 yards. Not enough to beat Wayne but good enough to put me in 4th place overall.

My cousin...his furthest shot...74 yards...Keep in mind he is 23 6'2 or so, and about 250 pounds..Jerk

We go back and watch some more of the broadcast and the promotions team comes back half hour later and asks wanna play more virtual golf. My cousin was in the bathroom so I went without him...Here's where it gets good. I get there and there are 4 Playboy Playmates sitting down talking to me while I wait my turn. I could have hit that ball 300 yards without a club if you know what I mean. I ended up in 3rd place in this round. After I shot, a 6 foot tall blonde playmate gets up and is like I'm going to swing. So she starts playing golf too!

See cousin, sometimes you just have to squeeze those turtle heads in and you wouldn't have missed this....jerk

My cousin ended up playing a game on the air called the goodtimes gauntlet and won a basketball jersey..hat..and some other crap...Joe Grande clicked with my cousin because they both wax their eyebrows...Money and Wayne called both of them homos on the air and in front of around 250 people...haha jerk

See now I got screwed out of a kick ass prize 3 times. There was a trivia game and I knew the answer. The radio show would pick 3 people to guess the trivia each hour. First hour I was 5th in line and they only got the first 3. Second hour I was 3rd in line but I didn't know someone was holding a spot so I ended up 4th. Third hour I'm 3rd again and the jerk that was first guessed the correct answer. He won a digital camera, a Gas card, and a surprise trip to Las Vegas..ARGH!!!

I ended up being on the air at the end of the Good Times show complaining how I got screwed out of that prize. Joe Grande said..hey you just go screwed again Cut his Mic...oooooooooh went the crowd and so did I. Money said ahh for your troubles we are going to give you a Ray Charles CD...hmmm Ray Charles CD or Vegas/Digital Camera/Gas Card...yeah..give me the CD...jerk...

All in all this was a good time.

A Plumber..A spider..and A not a bar joke

Jack Stephonowski, Jack Jack Stephen. I saw the Jack Stephen Plumbing and Heating van on the freeway today and it gave me a flashback to when I was a kid and watch the Jack Stephanito...Jack Stepehen commercials..ahhh the times. If you know of a Jack Stephen website please let me know.

I heard a form of the Camel Spider is now in America. If I remember correctly the story came from Arizona where this girl found it inside her home. Scary as those things have been known to get pretty big especially in Iraq. Check out this pic. Iraqi Camel Spider.

Do you ever wonder how many people drive to the same area you do everyday? Normally I see the same few cars at the same time on the same freeway everyday on my way to the OC, but there is one car that gets on a few exits after I do, and gets off at the same exit i do. Truman Show anyone?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Keep it coming people

Hey Everyone

Good turn out so far for the Keep Bean's Blog Alive petition which has raised 30 signatures. 24 of them coming from just Today.
Keep spreading the word and don't be afraid to put your name on the list.

Ok so I'm on my usual hour drive into the hell of the OC and there is a car in front of me with interesting license plates. Well the frame anyways. It looked like the writing was in arabic so I kept looking to try and figure it out. Then I thought hey...I don't know any arabic languages but for some odd reason I kept looking. I finally guessed what it said. Try and figure it out

derewop yb eht
retspmah ylimaf

Here is a hint. The car was a 96 Kia which original sale price was somewhere around $6,000 which is what most of us spend in a year on gas.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Return of a Pal, Blah on Superbowl halftime shows

I was really excited today; not only was it my birthday but I had a return of a Pal. That's right PAL bubblegum. I found it at a local store here in Riverside which I will keep a secret because I don't want anyone else whoring in on my stash. PAL was a favorite treat of mine and I couldn't wait each year until Halloween because that was the only time I would see PAL bubblegum. The flavor doesn't last long so its always wise to pop two in at once. After reading some about PAL online, I don't know whether or not to be excited. According to this site, PAL bubblegum has been discontinued. Either I found a store that still carries them, or I need to visit a doctor pronto.

Prince will be the 2007 halftime entertainment for this years Superbowl.

::Ring Ring::
Hi, 2007? This is 1986, we want Prince back.

Jeez, Well at least last year they had Paul McCartney. Who's with me on some Metallica performing?

How crappy is this? Monopoly a favorite game board for many generations is getting rid of the Monopoly Money and bringing in.....wait for it.....a Debit Card. Complete B.S.! Better go out and buy an original before it's too late. And pay with cash.

Today's funny Florida story comes from the town of Cantonment. A teen was playing poker online when
he was struck by lightning that went through his computer. Yeah buddy, poker online?

Parents not home? Check
High Speed Internet? Check
Lightning Storm? Check
Right Hand? Check

Sorry PAL (see how I referenced the PAL bubblegum) but it sounds like the only poker you were playing was Pocket Poker. The reason the lightning ran through your right hand is because you had a flush that left your hand a little moist....Ya Pussy

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Could it be?

ahh..So I'm laying down in my room and I have two windows near my cieling facing west. A black object floating across the sky captured my eye. At first it looked like a helipcopter flying super low so I ran to my living room thinking it was going to crash land. I look out my window and don't see anything so I become a bit nervous. All of a sudden out of the sky falls a Happy Birthday balloon. Usually you see them flying in the sky and say hey...someone let a balloon go. How often is it that one actually lands in front of you?

The funny thing about it is, tomorrow (the 24th) is my birthday. Something inside me says that the happy birthday balloon dropped in front of my house was a little happy birthday from my aunt that passed away a year and a half ago from cancer. Last year on my birthday we had a freak thunderstorm that happened and the weather folks hadn't predicted any storms for our area and she knew I like thunderstorms.

Who says you can't believe?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sign the Bean's Blog Petition

We need to keep Bean's blog going. I made a post on his blog the other day saying, lets get a petition going. Well I did. He can't end his blog on 12-31 of this year. Sign my petition below and we will send it onto Bean

Bean's Blog Petition

Friday, July 21, 2006

Feeling Bloggy

I knew from the get go today was going to be a bad day when I saw two things on the freeway. First while driving on the 60 freeway, I saw a hearse. Now, this was no ordinary was fixed up. The top of the car where they usually carry the body was chopped and rails were put around it. It looked like one of those double decker buses you see in london.

Secondly and by far the asian driving school car...those of you folks that know what I'm talking about can agree with me, the only thing worse than an asian driver is an asian driving school.

It is finally Friday and I can't wait for this weekend. My fiance and I have an appointment tomorrow to do something for our wedding. I can't remember what it is though...I will probably do yard work around the house and hopefully buy a lawnmower. My backyard is starting to look like swampland.And finally on Monday, it is my 25th birthday and I will celebrate by going to the beach with my girl.

Here is some food for thought; Did you know that Pork Butt Steak does not actually come from a pigs behind? It actually comes from the meaty part of the pigs shoulder.

The heat and humidity is back on in the lovely smog filled city of Riverside. I really need to try and stay home to enjoy our house. Since having it, I've been on the run and haven't had the chance to soak in the homeowner experience.

You know, my Fiance bought a 26" flat screen television from a Circuit City. Within a month it broke and I've been waiting two damn months for it to get fixed. It took 1 month for the service tech to come out, 1 month for the part to be delivered. Well the part isn't here yet and I called Circuit City customer support. I got transferred to 5 different people who probably have a junior high school education, and after the 5th transfer, I got disconnected. Don't buy anything from CC jerks!

Last I would like to thank fellow Blog reader and co-worker Birdman for the tip on getting my guitar pick out of my acoustic. I finally got it out last night! Birdman also hooked me up with some killer graphics for this site which I will be posting up very soon.

Interesting fact Robert Franklin Stroud the original Birdman of Alcatraz. He never kept birds while at Alcatraz. He used to raise and sell birds prior to being transferred there which is how he got his nickname. There was a "birdman" character that was the focus of an episode of Gilligan's Island where Gilligan found a homing pigeon. He wrote a rescue note and ended up going to this "Birdman" who was in jail that raised birds. The "birdman" thought it was his friend who he communicated with on a regular basis sending rescue jokes and never took one of the notes seriously.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A break up and a beat down

I'm not sure what she was talking about but the lady that sits behind me just said, "I want something ooie and gooie". I wouldn't have mind if she was younger but shes pushing 70 years old. Gross.

What's going on jerks?

Funny story of the day comes from Florida. I swear Florida has some of the most odd ball stories i've ever heard. This guy allegedly tries to rob a man returning home from work at 10pm. The man being robbed runs into his house, his clothes being ripped by the attacker. The attacker runs after him who in turn is attacked by the homeowners family. The man's wife jumped on the attackers back while their 13 year old daughter knocks him in the head with a plastic chair and ties him with jump rope until the cops arrive. How weak must this attacker been? Getting choked out by a wife along with being beaten and tied by a 5 foot tall 13 year old girl? Come on! Vince McMahon, hire these broads to wrestle for ya.

I am a bit disappointed right now. Two of my favorite bands are apparently going on a "break" of sorts. The two bands; Audioslave and System of a Down.

From what I have been able to gather, Audioslave's lead singer Chris Cornell has left the rest of his band behind after making their third album together. For those who are unfamiliar with who Audioslave is, they are 3 of the 4 members of the band formerly known as Rage Against the Machine. Kevin of the Los Angeles' 106.7 KROQ's Kevin and Bean show allegedly broke up the band telling Tom Morello (lead guitarist), you are so good you can make your own band, or something really similar to that. A few days later, the band breaks up. The other side of Audioslave is former Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell. He recently got re-married and had a new baby which is more than likely why he is leaving the band; this will give him more time to spend with his family.

System of a Down on the other hand is taking a break from each other. Lead guitarist Daron has said that he wants to pursue other side projects he is working on. Serj (vocalist) has his own side project as well with Audioslave's guitarist Tom Morello called Axis of Justice. Bassist Shavo has been known for djing at underground parties spinning up his flavor of Drum n Bass and the drummer John, I don't know what he's going to do.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Milk, The Signs of living in Riverside

I bought soy milk for the first time two days ago. It is organic and has a slight vanilla taste to it. I thought it was pretty cool that it has a label on the carton that says this will last 7-10 days before expiring.

I was excited getting my first house. It is located just inside Riverside county which puts us somewhat far enough away from my fiance and I parents but close enough to visit them still. Well after living here two months or so, I started noticing signs going up along the freeway. One of them says, "I BUY UGLY HOUSES, CASH". Great, that is a sign I want visitors to see as they come to my house. The newest sign that has been placed is this one. They say the girl in the picture is getting breathing treatments for asthma. I think shes sucking on a gasoline pump.

I dropped my guitar pick inside my acoustic guitar. Any ideas how to get it out?

7 more weeks until my wedding and I just noticed something. All the groomsmen are 6'1" plus in height. I'm slightly less standing at around 5'8".

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Everyday is exactly the same

Well fellow bloggers i'm back. Not that many of you knew I was probably even gone nor cared but I am anyways.

Nothing really exciting lately...Two months away from my wedding date and im totally stressed out with work and planning this wedding. Its fun though but I can't wait until its over and my fiance and I are basking in the sun in Hawaii.

This past Friday I went to see Nine Inch Nails in concert.It was a good show and was pretty impressed with the opening band Bahaus (I spelled it wrong). NIN always a good band to see but I think I may of had more fun when I saw them at the KROQ acoustic Christmas. I think it could have been because I was literally 5 feet from the stage. I did hear some of my favorite tunes by them including: Something I can Never Have, Hurt, Burn, Wish. They played closer as well but that song is really really mainstream and its kinda played out in a way. I wanted to hear Reptile but they didn't play it to my disappointment. That will probably be my last concert for sometime unless I win some tickets from KROQ due to the impending marriage.

I decided on going back to school. I will be attending Cal State Fullerton and will be taking Computer Forensics. They say there are 3 jobs for every person out there who has knowledge in this. I like my current job but still, forensics is just awesome.

I've been so exhausted lately and don't know why. I'm always tired, and just feel like the energy is sucked out of me. It could be caused by the little bit of sleep I get, poor eating habits, or just pushing myself to the brink of collapse. What do you think it is?

I am a huge Pro Wrestling fan and yes I know its fake but I was super excited that ECW was coming back. What a total disappointment it has been thus far. ECW was the best damn wrestling promotion from 1994-1999 until they hit financial difficulties forcing them to close down. WWE (formerly WWF) bought them out and brought back the brand this past year. What a let down. It's watered down, not extreme, no fan involvement, too corporate. F Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Thanks for ruining something that meant a lot to many individuals.