Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nose Hair Watch 2006

As of 7:00pm yesterday...the nose hair has been yanked...However..this morning I was feeling another tickle so I may have to do some more digging err reasearch to determine which hair is causing the tickle.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A tickle

I've had a nose hair tickling my nostril all day. Birdman and The Duke said to pull it but that hurts too much...I can't wait until I'm home to pull it or cut it.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Wedding, Forensics, and a Tool

Well I haven't posted in a

The wedding and honeymoon went very well and I hope to be posting some pictures up soon. Keep in mind that they are clean pictures and nothing from the honeymoon slides will show up on here nor anywhere else on the net. Special Thanks to The Wrider, The Duke of Fullerton, and The Man O' War from Portugal Mario for attending the festivites. The Duke and Dukess had a dance off with the Man O' War!!

I started my Computer / Digital Forensics classes at Cal State Fullerton and i've got to tell you that they are awesome and so far I am really into them. There is so much that I have learned in such a little time. For those that don't know what Computer / Digital Forensics is, it is the study of Computer Crime and once complete I will be a certified Digital Forensics Examiner. It encompasses Law and Computers which are two of my favorite subjects. I'll keep you posted to how its going.

FYI...I love talk radio because you can listening to interesting conversations and never have to say anything back.

Two days before my wedding I went to go see what is probably the best concert I have been to this year...the band....TOOL. The stage set up was all white and very simple. Two songs from their set were Wings for Marie part I. and 10,000 Days (Wings part II). During this set Maynard, the lead singer for the band walked off stage. I didn't know why at first but then I did some reading (once I got home). Tool changed their setlist for this show alone and included Wings parts 1 & 2 which is something they have never played live. Both of the songs refer to his Mother Marie (or Judith Marie). 10,000 days refers to how long she survived with the sickness she had. The reason Maynard walked off stage was because he broke down in tears while singing the songs. Those songs have much more meaning to me now than they did before. The rest of the set was AWESOME! Laser mixing..everything flawless. Tool is a must see band.