Monday, February 13, 2006

The Weekend..

My weekend started on Friday..I was supposed to go co-host a radio show but fell asleep. My work has been draaaaaaaaaaaining me of energy lately. Lots of late nights, early mornings, and lots of conference calls..oh well..It's actually funny cause I'm in this conference room with Upper Management that has 20 some odd years of experience above what I do, yet my decisions and words matter.

Anyways that was my Friday night sleeping.

Saturday, I took my girl out to dinner because I probably wouldn't see her on Valentines Day; not a choice by either of us as she has school..I took her to the restaurant we went to after we got engaged..well not the same one..different city..hell different state..but it was good still..
Afterwards we went walking around the Spectrum in Irvine and something happened to me there that made me feel pretty lame..i saw a dollar bill on the floor and was like ooooh a I went to pick up the dollar I noticed a string attached to it and was like NO its a trick and before i could stand up right, the kid pulled the string and the dollar along with it. That little punk! I gave him props..stood up clapped gave him the finger..well the thumbs up..laughed and walked away...lil bastard...

Sunday I went to a Birthday party of a little kid..I once against busted out my thumb and did the old tear apart your thumb trick and they were all amazed..

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