Sunday, March 01, 2009

Zero-Sum (2022 Remix) Final Cut

Please enjoy this final cut of my Year-Zero remix


birdman said...

?? I swear I posted a comment days ago.. where the hell did it go? did you delete it audio??

well I like this one - it made sense. nice job

imaaudioslave said...

gracias senior Birdman

yeah well i posted one a day or so ago and i didn't really like it..I thought it could use some tweaks.

Thanks for the compliment though...will be doing some other work in the next coming weeks

Wrider II said...

way cool audio. how long have you been into this kind of stuff?

imaaudioslave said...

i just used to dj but always mixed stuff around in my head thinking how will the song sound if you added this and instead of wondering i just started doing it...been doing it off and on for 6 months